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Mixture model algorithms for inferring covariance structures and microbial associations from microbiome data
Position Type: Graduate Research Assistant 

Department: CS
Description: This computational biology project will develop machine-learning algorithms to infer microbial associations from microbiome data generated using high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies. This effort will contribute to understanding the rules of life for microbial ecosystems.
Degree Programs: PhD 
Advisor: Shibu Yooseph
Lab/Group Name: Yooseph Lab, Genomics and Bioinformatics Cluster
Keywords: Machine learning, computational biology, microbiome, algorithms
Location(s): UCF Main Campus 
Bio-inspired materials design for 3D printing
Position Type: Researcher 

Department: MAE
Description: The PhD or MS student will explore biological principles in nature that can inspire design of new lightweight and strong materials with tunable mechanical properties. The student will have the opportunity to participate in designing and fabricating lightweight materials using 3D printing techniques.
Degree Programs: PhD,  MS 
Advisor: Dazhong Wu
Lab/Group Name: Additive Manufacturing & Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Keywords: Bio-inspired design, 3D printing, material characterization
Location(s): UCF Main Campus,  Lake Nona (Main Campus),  UCF Research Park,  Other 
Atomic Layer Deposition of transparent conducting oxides
Position Type: Researcher 

Department: MSE
Description: The graduate student will work on atomic layer deposition of new transparent conducting oxides for application in solar cells and advanced optoelectronic devices.
Degree Programs: PhD,  MS,  Undergrad,  Postdoc 
Advisor: Parag Banerjee
Lab/Group Name: Banerjee Lab
Keywords: Atomic layer deposition (ALD), nanomaterials, thin films, semiconductor processing
Location(s): UCF Main Campus