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General Advising

  • Advising for graduate students are handled by CECS faculty members due to the in-depth knowledge needed to customize your program and electives to match your research interest(s).
  • Non-thesis students are typically advised by their Graduate Program Director (, except for CECE students.
  • CECS Graduate students take courses in the Summer C Session, beginning in May and ending in August.
  • Registering for Thesis Credits (XXX 6971) for the first time
  • Registering for Dissertation Credits (XXX 7980) for the first time

6000/7000 – Level Courses

  • Half of all credit hours must be at the 6000 or 7000 level to graduate.
  • For MS programs this is 15 credit hours.
  • For PhD programs this is 36 credit hours.

Transfer Work

  • Officially transferred with official transcripts and by listing them on your Program of Study.
  • Must be formal course work.
  • Must be a B- or better (unless stipulated as a B or better).
  • No more than half of your total program can be transfer work.
  • Internal Transfer Work – course work completed at UCF:
    • Limited to 15 hours completed in another or Non-Degree program graduate program at UCF.
    • Limited to 9 hours completed as an undergraduate student at UCF, unless you were part of the BS to MS Program.
  • External Transfer Work – course work NOT completed at UCF:
    • Limited to 9 hours

Satisfactory Progress

  • All course work should be a B or better for use. However, after admitted, you can earn two C graded courses and remain eligible for graduation provided that your Graduate Status and Overall GPAs are a 3.000.  Your C graded course work cannot be transfer course work.
  • Graduate Status GPA – all graduate courses completed since admitted into your graduate program. Classes cannot be removed from this calculation. This GPA must be a 3.000 or better for satisfactory progress and eventual graduation.
  • Overall Program of Study GPA – all graduate courses used toward your degree program. Classes may be removed from this GPA. This GPA must be a 3.000 or better for satisfactory progress and eventual graduation.
  • If you earn a 2.999 Graduate Status GPA, you have an additional 18 hours to increase your GPA to a 3.000 or you will be dismissed from your graduate program.  You must create a Probation Plan with your Graduate Program Director.
  • If dismissed, you must either sit out for a calendar year and then reapply to the same program or be accepted to another graduate program.

College of Engineering and Computer Science – Policy on Dissertation/Thesis Defenses

The dissertation/thesis defense must be open to the public and announced two weeks prior to the date of the defense. You can submit your notice to Virtual dissertation/thesis defenses (student off-campus defenses) are permitted for Spring 2022 students. When entering your defense information, please enter your building as “Virtual” and the room should be your Zoom link.  Face-to-Face defenses are still an option for students and their committees, but due to the ongoing pandemic, we are permitting this flexible options.  The dissertation/thesis defense must satisfy the following:

  • The student must be present at the campus location of the public defense.
  • The committee chair must be present at the campus location of the public defense.
  • All committee members must be present at the campus location of the public defense with the following exception: the in-room attendance of at most one committee member can be substituted by virtual attendance via videoconferencing.

Requests to deviate from the above policy due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The requests will be evaluated and approved or disapproved by the chair of the program and the dean.  Formal requests for exceptions should be sent by the student’s advisor to Dr. Ali Gordon at