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General Advising

  • Advising for graduate students are handled by CECS faculty members due to the in-depth knowledge needed to customize your program and electives to match your research interest(s).
  • Non-thesis students are typically advised by their Graduate Program Director (, except for CECE students.
  • CECS Graduate students take courses in the Summer C Session, beginning in May and ending in August.
  • Registering for Thesis Credits (XXX 6971) for the first time
  • Registering for Dissertation Credits (XXX 7980) for the first time

6000/7000 – Level Courses

  • Half of all credit hours must be at the 6000 or 7000 level to graduate.
  • For MS programs this is 15 credit hours.
  • For PhD programs this is 36 credit hours.

Transfer Work

  • Officially transferred with official transcripts and by listing them on your Program of Study.
  • Must be formal course work.
  • Must be a B- or better (unless stipulated as a B or better).
  • No more than half of your total program can be transfer work.
  • Internal Transfer Work – course work completed at UCF:
    • Limited to 15 hours completed in another or Non-Degree program graduate program at UCF.
    • Limited to 9 hours completed as an undergraduate student at UCF, unless you were part of the BS to MS Program.
  • External Transfer Work – course work NOT completed at UCF:
    • Limited to 9 hours

Satisfactory Progress

  • All course work should be a B or better for use. However, after admitted, you can earn two C graded courses and remain eligible for graduation provided that your Graduate Status and Overall GPAs are a 3.000.  Your C graded course work cannot be transfer course work.
  • Graduate Status GPA – all graduate courses completed since admitted into your graduate program. Classes cannot be removed from this calculation. This GPA must be a 3.000 or better for satisfactory progress and eventual graduation.
  • Overall Program of Study GPA – all graduate courses used toward your degree program. Classes may be removed from this GPA. This GPA must be a 3.000 or better for satisfactory progress and eventual graduation.
  • If you earn a 2.999 Graduate Status GPA, you have an additional 18 hours to increase your GPA to a 3.000 or you will be dismissed from your graduate program.  You must create a Probation Plan with your Graduate Program Director.
  • If dismissed, you must either sit out for a calendar year and then reapply to the same program or be accepted to another graduate program.

College of Engineering and Computer Science – Policy on Dissertation/Thesis Defenses

The dissertation/thesis defense must be open to the public and announced two weeks prior to the date of the defense. You can submit your notice to

Virtual dissertation/thesis defenses (off-campus defenses) are permitted. When entering your defense information, please enter your building as “Virtual” and the room area should be your Zoom link.  Face-to-Face defenses are still an option for students and their committees.

Requests to deviate from the above policies due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Formal requests for exceptions (especially if the two-week lead time for the announcement was missed) should be sent by the student’s advisor to Dr. Ali Gordon at