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Welcome to the College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS) Office of Graduate Affairs. Our mission is to support the development of highly advanced computer scientists and engineers who will build the future of Florida, our nation, and beyond. Our office is committed to providing graduate students with the best experience during their time at UCF. We measure our success by the successes of the individuals whom we support. Alumni of CECS graduate programs are well-prepared as a part of the academic experience at UCF. These graduates are highly sought after for both industrial and academic positions. They create opportunities for current CECS students

Alumni of CECS graduate programs are well-prepared as a part of the academic experience at UCF.

This website is logically organized for easy navigation. First and foremost, the current palette of graduate degrees programs is listed. Interested students will find both classical and newly-launched programs that have been designed in very close collaboration with industrial partners. Both doctoral and Master’s degrees are offered along with graduate certificate programs. Current UCF undergraduates may be interested in the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program (BS-to-MS). Many programs are available in fully on-line, fully in-person, part-time, full-time, and/or mixed modalities. Prospective students interested in one or more of these programs may want to visit us on campus or virtually. The Office of Graduate Affairs welcomes visitors as a part of its semesterly open house tours. Both prospective students can learn about awards and funding opportunities.

Key information, such as deadlines, policies, and important forms, are included for current graduate students. We strongly emphasize the CECS Graduate Professional Development Series as an integral part of your degree. For CECS faculty seeking to either mentor or instruct graduate students, the Graduate Faculty nomination form is included on the faculty page. Nomination materials for graduate awards can also be found there.

Thank you for taking a moment to explore this site to learn more about our innovative graduate programs. We appreciate your interest in the College of Engineering and Computer Science’s Graduate Programs, and we welcome your inquires, comments, and suggestions.

Charge On!

Ali P. Gordon, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs & Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science | 407-823-2455