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2020-2021 CECS Fast Facts

Fast Facts
The UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) publishes annually several fact sheets that overview the college with quick facts and stats, including enrollment, degrees conferred, student diversity data, and more. Examples: CECS ranks No. 3 nationally for the number of minority graduates it produces. For six years, UCF has ranked as the nation’s No. 1 workforce supplier to the aerospace and defense industry, and this year as the nation’s top-two preferred supplier (Aviation Week Network).

2020 CECS Highlights

CECS Highlights
Published in December, this piece is a showcase of the college’s biggest headlines: news stories about student, faculty and alumni successes, research breakthroughs, industry partnerships, and other notable achievements with wide community, state and national impact. Check back for our Best of 2021 highlights.

CECS Graduate Programs in CECE, CS, ECE, IEMS, MAE, MSE


CECS has six departmental units: Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering (CECE); Computer Science (CS); Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE); Industrial Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS); Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE); and Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). For more information about CECS graduate programs, please contact Dr. Ali Gordon at


Momentum Publications
The UCF Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is one of the largest MAE departments in the nation. Its annual magazine, Momentum, highlights the key accomplishments of our faculty, students and alumni. To learn more, visit or contact MAE Chair Dr. Yoav Peles at

Master’s in Computer Vision

MSCV Flyer
The Master of Science in Computer Vision (MSCV) program aims to provide technical skills and domain knowledge to the future professionals who seek to acquire expertise in Computer Vision and its related areas. This involves proficiency in acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding images, videos, 3D data, and other types of high-dimensional data of the real world. The fast-growing interests and investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the United States and around the world must be powered by a well-prepared workforce. For more information, please contact the MSCV Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Niels da Vitoria Lobo at

Master’s in CyberSP

MS CyberSP Flyer
The Master’s Degree in Cyber Security and Privacy provides high-quality cyber security graduate education, advance cyber security and privacy research, and addresses the issues of state, national and international cybersecurity. This MS program provides two tracks, TRACK 1: Technical Track and TRACK 2: Interdisciplinary Track, to satisfy the broader needs of cyber security education. If you need more information, please contact Dr. Cliff Zou at

Master’s in Data Analytics (MSDA)

MSDA Flyer
The MS in Data Analytics is a 30 credit hour interdisciplinary program that prepares students to develop algorithms and computerized systems to facilitate the discovery of information from large amounts of data. It utilizes the technical aspects of big data analytics, including algorithm design, programming, acquisition, management, mining, analysis, and interpretation of data. If you need more information, please contact Dr. Dan Eilen at

Master’s in Digital Forensics

The Master’s Degree in Digital Forensics (MSDF) program covers topics related to digital forensics, malware detection and analysis, e-discovery, and cybersecurity in general. It prepares students, including working professionals, who pursue the degree on a part-time or full-time basis, to gain the knowledge and skills required to work as a digital forensic analyst and in general cybersecurity operations and management. For more information about MSDF, please contact Dr. Cliff Zou at

Master’s in Health Care Systems Engineering (HSE)

MS HSE Flyer
The Masters of Science in Health Care Systems Engineering (HSE) is designed to train future healthcare professionals to implement, manage and introduce systemic changes, and provides the tools to improve patient care while enhancing the utility of organizational resources. Expand your skills by choosing from either the 15-credit Graduate Certificate or 30-credit Master of Science degree. Students from the certificate track can continue directly into the MS track. In addition, MS track students will also earn their certificate upon graduation. If you need more information about the HSE program please contact Dr. Vernet Lasrado at

Master’s in Systems Engineering (Online)

MSSE Flyer
UCF’s Master of Science in Systems Engineering program is a fully online program that focuses on applications of systems engineering to designing, developing, integrating, and evaluating complex systems through their life cycle. This unique program is offered in response to the growing needs of the industry where systems thinking, complexity, globalization, quality, and productivity are the key business drivers. For more information about MS in Systems Engineering, please contact Dr. Mansooreh Mollaghasemi at

Master’s in Engineering Management

MSEM Flyer
The MSEM Professional Project and Systems Engineering offering is a cohort- based program where specific cohorts are established based on the needs of industry. The program is designed as lock-step and to be completed in under two years. This program will enable you to deliver and manage complex systems, improve on-the-job performance, and to maximize your organization’s success. You will integrate project delivery processes through leadership, new product development, systems engineering, and project management. Relevant and connected course materials are taught at the intersection of engineering and management. For more information, please contact Dr. Timothy Kotnour at

Master’s of Science in Travel Technology and Analytics (TTA)

TTA Flyer
With rapid changes in technology and analytics, the global travel and tourism industry is undergoing a profound transformation. The College of Engineering & Computer Science and the Rosen College of Hospitality Management have come together to design a program that meets the future needs of the global travel and tourism industry. The MS in Travel Technology & Analytics will forge a new path in interdisciplinary education and contribute to burgeoning interdisciplinary research encompassing engineering, science, and management contextualized by the global travel industry. Diverging from traditional business/management degrees, the MS in Travel Technology & Analytics will focus on prescriptive and predictive techniques to anticipate and solve problems in a forward-looking approach. The first of its kind program in the nation will develop leaders in the multi-billion travel and tourism industry. For more information, please contact Dr. Naveen Eluru at

Master’s of Science in FinTech

FinTech Flyer
FinTech is changing the world we live in. The evolving intersection between the financial services industry and technological innovations is driving the need for highly trained professionals with both advanced financial skills and requisite technological skills. The UCF MS in FinTech will allow students to capitalize on the opportunities and challenges triggered by the disruptive technologies of FinTech. The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum will provide students with employable technical skills and the ability to think and function in cross-disciplinary teams.  For more information, please contact Dr. Sharma Thankachan at

Graduate Certificate in Mixed Reality Engineering

Mixed Reality Flyer
Given the proliferation of virtual, augmented and mixed reality in the world today, the College of Engineering and Computer Science has designed a graduate certificate program to meet the future needs of students pursuing mixed reality careers and companies requiring such talent. The Graduate Certificate in Mixed Reality Engineering focuses on the concepts and skills required for developing high-quality virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality systems and applications. For further information, please contact Dr. Ryan McMahan at

The University of Central Florida’s College of Engineering and Computer Science in Orlando is among the nation’s largest producers of engineering and technology workforce talent. The college’s six academic departments offer 40+ bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, tracks and certificates. Its $50-million annual research enterprise addresses society’s greatest challenges and aspirations in aerospace, computing, energy, the environment, healthcare, transportation, and more. The college is strengthened by innovative industry partnerships and diverse faculty, students and staff who together create a welcoming, entrepreneurial hub of learning and discovery. Visit to learn more.


Engineering Leadership and Innovation Institute (eli^2)

eli^2 Flyer
The need for engineering and technology leaders is echoed universally by industry, the public sector, and professional societies. Incorporating feedback from industry, eli^2 programs are designed to develop leadership skills in UCF engineering and computer science undergraduates, and to enhance the careers of new professionals, mid-level managers and executives.

H4D (Hacking for Defense) Course at UCF

H4D Flyer
H4D is a college course sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense now offered at more than 30 universities around the nation, including UCF. The course challenges students to work with the nation’s defense and intelligence communities to quickly address emerging threats and security problems. The class uses the entrepreneurial Lean Launchpad business startup approach and rapid problem-solving “hack” strategies to create innovative solutions to some of the most complex and important real-world problems facing our military. For more information, contact Dr. Mark Heinrich at

UCF Technology Venture Symposium (UTVS)

UTVS Flyer
The fundamental objective of this symposium is to showcase the little-known HIDDEN GEMS within UCF created by alumni, faculty and students for advancement and potential investment. UTVS provides a forum to enable conversations and interactions focused on new technology ventures, funding of new ventures, or the transfer of new technologies to existing companies. The symposium will be held virtually on Feb. 17, 2022. Contact Dr. Michael Georgiopoulos at to learn more.

Fast Facts

2020-2021 CECS Fast Facts


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