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To help you navigate your academic program, there are several processes that are in place. Some processes are conducted electronically, while others require manual processing with physical signatures. Forms included in this section are either Portable Document Format (PDF) files, dynamic forms, or HTML files that may be downloaded, filled out, and given to the appropriate university officials for approval. Many of these forms have been implemented by the College of Graduate Studies and have been adopted across UCF’s various colleges. Some forms are specific to CECS. Regardless, this list is not comprehensive, and your department may have additional forms to support your academic progress.  For College of Graduate Studies (CGS) forms, please visit:

  • UCF CECS Registration Agreement and Override Dynamic Forms – This form is a dynamic form combining both the CECS Special Registration Agreement and the Override Form previously used.  This form is needed for graduate students to register for any Variable Credit Hour Course in our college (XXX 6908, XXX 6918, XXX 6946, XXX 7919, or XXX 7980). The Override portion of this form is only for access to a class where a prerequisite is required or for IDS 6999.
Program of Study
Committee Forms
  • The College of Graduate Studies has both the Doctoral and Thesis Committee Forms in dynamic forms.
  • For doctoral students (at a minimum), you must have three members from your department and one member from outside of your department.  For both thesis and dissertation students, most of your committee members must be Graduate Faculty members.
  • Before submitting either a thesis or dissertation committee for approval, please make sure that your Program of Study is approved and processed by the College of Graduate Studies.  These eForms originate by your program’s Graduate Advising Office.
  • To find out committee member status, please visit:
  • To initiate a thesis or dissertation committee form, please visit:
Graduate Procedures
Forms for Research-Oriented Students
  • Defense Link – Submit your request to convene your thesis/dissertation defense.

More graduate forms can be found at: