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CECS Graduate Affairs Staff


Dr. Ali P. Gordon Mrs. Heather Houser   Mrs. Tracey Ziebro
Associate Dean Manager, Academic Programs   Administrative Assistant
Office of Graduate Affairs Office of Graduate Affairs   Office of Graduate Affairs
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Graduate Program Coordinators

Graduate students are best served by their specific program faculty coordinators and staff assistants for program requirements, plans of study, and course selection. General advising about university and college policies is offered in CECS’s Academic Affairs Office in Engineering 1, Room 107.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Graduate Director: Andrew Randall, Ph.D.
Graduate Director (Travel Technology & Analytics MS): Naveen Eluru, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator: TBA

Graduate Coordinator:

Computer Science
Graduate Director: (CS Dept.): Sumanta Pattanaik, Ph.D.
Graduate Director (Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity & Privacy MS): Cliff C. Zou, Ph.D.
Associate Graduate Director (Data Analytics MS): Dan Eilen, Ph.D
Graduate Director (Mixed Reality Engineering Cert): Joseph LaViola, Ph.D.

Ryan McMahan, Ph.D.

Graduate Director (Computer Vision MS): Niels da Vitoria Lobo, Ph.D.
Graduate Director (FinTech MS): Sumanta Pattanaik, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator: Jeanine Clements
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduate Director: Mingjie Lin, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator: Diana Poulalion
Industrial Engineering
Graduate Director: Mansooreh Mollaghasemi, Ph.D.
Graduate Director (Professional Project and Systems Engineering MS): Timothy Kotnour, Ph.D.
Graduate Director (Healthcare Systems Engineering MS and Cert): Vernet Lasrado
Graduate Coordinator: TBA
Materials Science & Engineering
Graduate Director: Jiyu Fang, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator: Pamela Ross
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Graduate Director (MAE Dept.): Jihua “Jan” Gou, Ph.D.
Graduate Director (Biomedical Engineering MS & PhD): Alain Kassab, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator: Gabriela Laboy
Modeling and Simulation
Graduate Director: Ghaith Rabadi, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator: Kirsten Seitz